Member Benefits

The Baltimore Maritime Exchange is a membership supported, non-profit vessel traffic information service. Our mission is to provide our members with communication and information services which will assist in safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sound maritime operations. We were established in 1899 as a part of the Chamber of Commerce, and in 1954 as a private non-profit corporation. Since then, we have been the trusted source of information regarding deep draft commercial vessel activity, to and from the Port of Baltimore.

  • Our staff has a combined total of fifty-five years of waterfront experience to bring to bear when tracking vessels, compiling statistics, and providing accurate and timely information to our members.
  • Ship to shore communications has always been an important part of BME operations. Today, our VHF radio coverage encompasses the enter length of the Bay, from the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal to our north, all the way to Cape Henry to our south. In addition, BME dispatchers have begun to exchange and update information directly with pilots on board vessels via e-mail and cell phone.
  • Members can call BME dispatchers anytime between 0800 to 1600 hours seven days a week for up to the minute information on vessel activity. Comprehensive reports are issued several times each day and are available to members via E-mail or directly from the BME website.
  • Special reports can be compiled from our extensive database of information on vessel activity dating from 1990 to the present day. We also maintain hard copy records of voyage histories dating back to the late 1950’s; the only such comprehensive record of Baltimore’s waterfront history that exists today.
  • The BME also maintains its own network of automated identification system (AIS) receivers covering the Chesapeake Bay. This system is in continuous operation 24/7 and records vessel position and navigational information from all commercial vessels required to carry AIS equipment. The data is compiled each minute and stored in our dedicated Web VTS servers. The BME Web VTS software can provide BME members with automatic alerts by e-mail and text message when vessels of interest pass certain specific points during their transit from sea to the Port of Baltimore. Relevant points include but are not limited to: passing inbound at CH buoy at Cape Henry, passing under the Chesapeake Bay Bridges, passing inbound at North Point, passing inbound under the Key Bridge, arriving alongside at specific terminals as well as coming to anchor at Annapolis Roads or in the Baltimore Harbor anchorages. Please contact the BME to set up a trial automated vessel alert account to better determine how this new service can help your company schedule resources and work more efficiently.
  • Our loyal membership is comprised of Federal, State and Local government agencies, steamship agents, towing companies, cargo surveyors, terminal operators, stevedoring firms and a wide variety of companies providing goods and services to the vessels calling at the Port of Baltimore.

Find out why these companies and agencies have come to rely on the BME for honest and accurate information about the Port. Give us a call. We will be happy to discuss our membership plans to show you how they can provide solutions to your particular information needs.